South African manufacturer Naboom Plastics, a leading supplier of planting bags, is experiencing a remarkable transformation. 
Thanks to Blue Energy Africa’s innovative initiative, the company upgrades infrastructure, enhances production, promotes sustainability, and paves the way for a promising future.
The hybrid solar-battery system at Naboom Plastics’ Mookgophong facility showcases renewable energy’s role in empowering businesses and fostering responsible economic growth.
The crippling effects of loadshedding were a constant struggle for Naboom Plastics. “The rolling blackouts have significantly hampered our operations,” explains Koos Lancaster, co-founder of Naboom Plastics. “Our 24-hour production cycle was cut short by 10 hours, creating a 60-tonne backlog and forcing us to adjust staff schedules to accommodate the erratic power supply.” This not only impacted production but also placed a strain on employee morale and overall efficiency.
Blue Energy Africa’s intervention offered a solution tailored to Naboom Plastic’s specific needs. 
The 435 kW solar and 858 kWh battery storage system provides a significant portion of the company’s electricity needs. 
This not only eliminates dependence on the unreliable grid during outages but also allows for independent power generation during peak sunlight hours. 
The impact is immediate: production disruptions are a thing of the past, and Naboom Plastics can now fulfill orders more efficiently, meeting customer demand and strengthening its competitive edge in the market.
The financial benefits are equally significant. Naboom Plastics is experiencing a dramatic reduction in electricity costs, with savings estimated at a staggering 80-90%. 
This translates to a more secure financial footing, allowing the company to reinvest in growth initiatives, explore new markets, and potentially expand its workforce.
 The positive impact extends beyond the company itself. Stable electricity supply ensures smooth operations and safeguarding the jobs of Naboom Plastics’ 64 employees. 


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This stability contributes not only to their livelihoods but also to the well-being of their families and the broader community.
This project serves as a powerful case study for South Africa’s manufacturing sector. As Marcel Steinberg, CEO of Blue Energy Africa, emphasizes, “The Naboom Plastic project is a testament to the transformative potential of renewable energy. It demonstrates how resilient clean energy systems can drive economic growth, create jobs, and ensure a sustainable future for communities.” Naboom Plastic’s success story paves the way for other factories and industrial facilities to adopt similar models. By embracing renewable energy solutions, these businesses can overcome loadshedding challenges, achieve greater operational efficiency, and unlock significant cost savings.
The project also highlights the growing trend of “profit with purpose” investments. Gaia Fund Managers’ Renewables Real Estate Investment Trust, which financed the project, exemplifies this approach.
 Their involvement underscores the increasing interest of investors in projects that deliver both financial returns and positive environmental and social impact.
Blue Energy Africa’s innovative solution goes beyond just a successful installation; it’s a symbol of how renewable energy can empower businesses, create jobs, and pave the way for a more sustainable future. 
As South Africa seeks to revitalize its manufacturing sector and transition towards a cleaner energy future, the Naboom Plastic project offers a shining example and a hopeful path forward. Check out this post for more details related to this article: